5 Things Every Home Builder Must Include On Their Website Right Now

If you are a home builder, your website is a critical part of your business. Why?

After all, it’s the best place where potential customers can find enough information about your business and connect with you.

But many home builders don’t know if their website is working for them. They are spending thousands of dollars on marketing but never understand or measure their return on investment.

According to a study by Coldwell Banker®, 82% of homeowners will research many home builders online before deciding who they want to call or send an inquiry and proceed to get a quote.

What your Prospects are looking for on your Website?

First, they visit your website for more information about:

  • what exactly you build, your services, and how unique your homes are
  • high-quality pictures of your past projects
  • video reviews of your happy customers
  • answers to their common objections and queries
  • the lifestyle you can bring to their life

If they don’t see such information in detail on your website, they’ll either move on to the next home builder or demand a lower price.

This ends up costing you a lot of money, both in terms of marketing cost, sales volume, and profit margins. Can you afford that loss?

After working with many home builders over the years, I’ve found these 5 essential things that every home builder must include on their website, to attract qualified leads or prospects into your sales process.

1) Designs or Plan Range

When your customers are looking to build a house, one of the most important things they want to know is – the different home styles, plans, and designs you offer.

As a home builder, you must have a different range of options available on your website. This will enable them to make an informed decision based on their taste – in terms of the type of house that appeals most to them or which most suits the space available for building.

You can provide these designs in the form of PDF which they can download (in exchange for their name and email – so you can save them into your CRM as a lead and educate them to move them further in your sales process).

2) Your Building Process

To build rapport with your prospects, you need to be fully transparent with them and tell them how to go about building a home from start to finish. This means you must have an individual page on your website that says “Your Building Process” On that page, you outline all the phases you take them through while delivering a quality home.

In general, these are some common steps that most home builders follow while building homes:

  • Initial Consultation
  • Preliminary Design
  • Agreement & Deposit
  • Construction
  • Handover
  • Ongoing Support

Now, brainstorm what are these phases in your own building process. Put them on your process page and write some description of what you’re going to cover how much time it typically takes for each phase of the project.

The main purpose of your process page is to make them aware that you follow a well-defined and organized process. It ensures that their new home will get built smoothly, on budget, and with minimal disruptions.

3) Gallery of Your Completed Projects

If you build beautiful homes, why not show them off to your target audience who are visiting your website?

We recommend that every home builder include a gallery of their completed projects on their website. Every project should go with:

  • High-quality pictures
  • Project brief, the scope of work, your approach, and obstacles you overcame
  • Before-after transformation photos (in case of renovation) and
  • Video walkthroughs of the entire project (by a professional videographer if possible)

Not only is this a great opportunity to impress your potential customers, but they can also get a better visual idea of what your company produces, which increases the chances of a future sale.

4) Reviews of Your Happy Customers (Prefer Videos)

Video testimonials are the best way to build social proof and trust with your target audience.

These can be in the form of video tours of completed homes or short interviews of your customers talking about how much they loved their new home and their experiences of working with you.

In case you don’t have any video reviews yet, you can include some reviews in text form for the time being. But videos are the best way to go.

5) FAQs Answer Their Common Questions & Objections

FAQs and blog articles are two of the best features you must use on your website.

Best home builders use FAQs and blog articles to answer the questions and objections of your potential customers about design, process, materials, pricing, etc, even before they get in touch with you.

There are three key benefits of having FAQs and blog articles on your website:

a) Saves time, money, and energy: You or your sales guy don’t have to answer common questions on the phone over and over again, because you’ve already published them on your FAQs and blogs.

b) Promote yourself as authority: The more you educate your prospects to make an informed and better decision, the more they are likely to trust you and use your services. And your FAQs and articles must always revolve around educating them and helping them become an informed buyer.

c) Qualified Leads: As people read through all this informational content on your website, they become pre-qualified (even before they talk to you) because they already know your process, your prices, how you work. And it increases the chances of converting them into a lead or customer.


We hope you have found this article useful and it has helped guide some of your decisions about what to include on your website.

As a home builder, you need to start thinking about your website as their best marketing and sales tool because the first thing that potential home buyers will do is go online and research what they want before deciding on who to work with.

So, if you are not yet doing it correctly, now would be the time to get started!

If you want further help, we encourage you to book a 15-minute call with one of our team members, and let’s talk about how we can help you build your website or a lead generation system.

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