7 Reasons You Should Not Hire Us To Design Your Website

You’re probably here because you want to hire us to design your website. We would love to work with you, but before you make this important decision, please take a moment and read these 7 reasons why we may not be the right fit for your project.

Yes, it sounds harsh and a bit strange but yes we’re telling you all the reasons why you should not hire us because we believe in honesty and transparency. We don’t want to waste your time or ours either. So if any of the following points resonate with your project needs, sorry we’re not the right fit for you:

1) You want it cheap, just shopping around for the lowest price

We believe that if you hire a web designer, it is because you value design and quality. We often come across people who want a cheap designer who can just put together something fast for a few hundred bucks.

Our websites are not cheap. They start at $4000 and go up to $12k or more, depending on the features and complexity of the project.

So if your budget is less than that or if you are just shopping around for the lowest quote possible, we can’t work with you. It’s not that we are mean, it’s just that we value your business and we can’t make our websites any cheaper because it would compromise the quality and impact on your business too.

2) Your deadline is too tight

Yes. If you’re looking for a website done fast in the next week or two, we can’t help you. Because it won’t deliver you a return on investment into your business.

We have a detailed process, which includes doing a lot of research, wireframing, designing, building the web pages, putting content and testing everything before making your website live. All of this takes a lot of time, resources and team work, and obviously a good amount of collaboration and feedback from you.

If you want to work with us, then we need at least 4 to 8 weeks of time to deliver you a website that is valuable for your business.

Unfortunately, we can’t just pull out a magic wand and do it super fast. If we did, we’d lose our creativity and quality. Since your website is the most important tool in growing your business online and we ensure it’s not created in any rush.

3) You just want “extra set of hands”

Some people know exactly what they want their website to look like, exact design, colours, the layouts, the fonts…everything. And they just need a web designer to do it for them.

Unless you’re a digital marketing specialist with years of experience, it’s more likely your design ideas need improvement.

Asking us to design your website based on what’s in your head is like telling a doctor you know exactly what meditation you need, without giving any details about your condition.

We are a team of professionals with years of experience in building high performance websites that look great and convert visitors, why would you not want to use our expertise?

We see our clients as partners. Partners share ideas and help each other grow. Sometimes we might offer you new ideas or make suggestions to change a few things, but it’s only because we care about your success.

4) You’re too busy to provide information or feedbacks

Yes we know you’re busy working hard in your business. But to create the best possible website for your business, we need some help from you.

Before we start designing your website, we will have a zoom meeting to learn more about your business, what products or services you offer and how we can help achieve your goals, either with a website, a lead generation system or a suitable marketing solution.

Once we start working on the project, we send you a worksheet with some more detailed questions to fill in. These questions will help us understand your audience, the benefits of your products or services and how we can present those in the best possible way.

You will also need to provide us ongoing feedback on various stages of the project, to make sure we’re working on the same page.

All of this information you provide are extremely useful for us to design you an effective website which can deliver positive results for your business.

Yes it takes time, but if you want your website to succeed and reach its fullest potential then it’s a must.

5) You want to hire someone local

We get it. You feel comfortable meeting with someone local at their office before signing the paycheque. But it’s not how we do it.

We communicate with our clients over zoom calls and it has never been more convenient and relevant than ever before (after Covid19).

Our team works remotely. That allows us to be more productive and focused on the results. In the era of technology we’re living in, it’s not about the “where”, it’s all about the “what.”

It’s not that we never meet our clients face-to-face. We really do  when we’re on vacation to their local city and we’ve a lot of fun.

6) You prefer a big agency

We are four full-time people currently working in this business. We work with some amazing talents who help our clients achieve their online goals, BUT we’re a small team.

We don’t have a big corporate office with many dozens of people working on different things, but we’re proud to be small.

Being a small agency allows us to focus on a few crucial things and deliver better results for our clients, rather than just being a jack of all trades. And our results speak for themselves in our case studies.

So if you think a big agency with an office in Silicon Valley, Boston or London will do the job far better than us, go ahead!

7) You believe “Build it once and Money will start rolling in”

Build it once and they will come to buy from you, right? That’s not true.

Once your website is live, your next step is to drive regular traffic to the website to generate leads or sales for your business. You can do it by creating an action plan for the following:

  • Content Marketing Strategy
  • Email Marketing Strategy
  • Facebook Advertising
  • Google Advertising

After we complete your website, you will get a free 1 hour digital marketing coaching session via Zoom where we will create a personalised marketing blueprint for your business.

If you are prepared to execute a sound marketing strategy, you’re in for some good news.

We have a proven 9-step blueprint system that we use to help our clients generate leads on autopilot from their website.

Do you think you’re the right fit?

So there we have outlined the 7 reasons you should not work with us.

We are proud to be upfront and transparent with our clients and for this reason why we created this post. We want to be open and honest with you about hiring us. We don’t want you to hire us for the wrong reasons.

If you’re still here reading and excited, awesome! We would love to know more about your business and what are your goals for your next project.

If you’d like to have a chat to see if we can help, feel free to book a 15 minute call with our team here.

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