7 Essentials to Put on Your Service Page for Better Conversion

Imagine you’re looking for a fitness coach.

You go to one coach’s website and move onto their service page, to find out what they have to offer. And there, you see two or three paragraphs of text describing their Health Transformation Membership” and a link to buy their fitness program, which is worth $500/mo.

There is no way you’re going to buy this. Right?

Even more than 90% of people wouldn’t buy that package by just reading those two text paragraphs about this coach.

But these sort of service pages we come across a lot daily, while we surf the Internet, both in B2B and B2C services.

Why Most Services Pages Are Done That Way?

Most business owners think they don’t need to put much information about their services because they want prospects to book a call first, and then they will explain what they offer.

And that’s a totally reasonable approach because nobody would like to spend thousands without talking to someone on a phone.

But still, you need to provide your prospects and educate them enough about your services so they feel the urge to talk to you.

Why Your Services Page Are Crucial?

Your prospects want to know everything about your services: what you offer, what’s your process, pricing, and decide themselves whether your services are what they need and see if they want to get in touch.

If you didn’t get it, just imagine you’re looking to hire a website designer, what option would you prefer?

Option One: To get all the information on their website design service (also at least an idea of their pricing range) and then book a call with the suitable one

Option Two: To call several web designers and ask everyone for these details

Of course, you’d choose option one.

Now consider it for your business, what is everything your prospects need to know? How can you layout everything and create a high-converting service page that builds trust?

I’ll explain how to do this. Make sure to read this article completely.

What Exactly Should You Put on a Service Page?

  1. Opening Statement
  2. Features and Benefits
  3. The Process
  4. The Cost
  5. Who is it right for
  6. Frequently Asked Questions
  7. Case Studies or Testimonials

Case Studies or Testimonials

1) Start with an Opening Statement

First of all, don’t start your service page with words like “I” or “We”. This page is not about you, but your customers.

Start with their struggles or pain points. This will help them to identify with what you are about to show.

Your opening statement should be enticing enough for the customer to continue reading on, and not take their attention elsewhere.

You can do this by simply asking questions such as – are you struggling with X? Or ‘do you feel like you’re always wasting time or money on X’?

This is to empathize with your prospects and let them know you understand what they need. And then you can continue and introduce your service by simply saying like “We understand your problems. That’s where our x service can help…”

2) Tell Them The Features and Benefits

Your service page must contain what’s included in your services and how they would benefit the lives of your prospects.

You can layout the different features into three horizontal columns like the below example. Add more features to the list in a separate row if there are more than three features.

Now use a small paragraph or bullet points under each feature and show them what benefits that feature offers.

Tell the reader what they’ll actually get.

3) The Process of Working With You

People love working with businesses that have a well-defined process in place. They don’t understand what it’s like to work with you, how do you communicate, how long your service takes to execute.

But why is this important? Why do they need to know these details?

Knowing it all makes them feel comfortable and trust you. No one wants to hand over their money to someone without knowing how they work.

Another benefit of having a process shows them that you’re well organized professional and it proves – this is something you do regularly for your clients.

How to Put Together The Process on Your Service Page

You just need to note down what are the steps you take to deliver your service.

There’s no need to go into more details. Just give them an overview of all the steps of your process to show them what they can expect.

Make it look good with a clear design and enough white space to make it easy to read, just like this example below:

However, we also recommend you write a separate piece of content that goes more in-depth on your process, just like we have this article listed on our website where we show our entire process of how we build a website for our clients.

4) List Your Prices on Your Service Page

This is something that is pretty much a must.

You can’t just let your clients guess how much you charge for, so make sure that the prices are on display and easy to see right from their first visit to your site.

If your services are priced at a fixed cost, it’s best to list your prices on the service page.

And if your prices vary too much as per customer needs, at least put a range of your price for that particular service. You may need to go into more detail about why the price differs and what can make it increase.

The other benefit of having your prices is to filter out low-budget clients or tire kickers.

Because you don’t want calls or send proposals to prospects who don’t have enough budget to work with you.

5) Feature Your Best Case Study or Few Testimonials

Having testimonials like “[Company name] was so professional. I can highly recommend them.” are not much impressive and not going to help much.

What you want your prospects to know the before and after transformation your clients get from your services.

However, most of the customers don’t know much about what to say in a testimonial. So, to get this information from them, you can ask these 5 simple questions:

  • What problems you had before working with us?
  • Why did you choose us over other companies?
  • How did working with us solve your problem?
  • What results you have got after working with us?
  • What did you like about the whole experience?

You can either ask your client to answer these questions over a video call or they can record a short video and send it back to you.

You can embed a few of those video testimonials on your services page.

6) Show Them Who Your Service Is Right Fit For?

If you don’t put on your website who your service is right for, you’re just telling that it’s for everyone.

That way you get too many leads or inquiries from people who you do not want to work with (as we call them tire-kickers).

It’s your job to define who your service is right for to attract the most qualified leads.

How To Explain Who Your Services Are Right For?

You can do that by putting it as a simple table with the heading “Who This Is Right For” on one side “Who This Is Not Fit For” on another side.

Doing so will prevent the wrong type of people to get in touch with you. Even more than that, it will increase trust and authority with your ideal clients. They identify themselves as the right fit for your services.

They will feel more special, thinking that you don’t just work for anyone and everyone.

7) Put FAQs on Your Service Page

When your prospects land on your website, they have some basic questions about your services, how you work, how much it cost, how do you communicate.

So it’s better to include an FAQs page that answers any questions or objections that your customers may have.

How to know what questions to include?

That’s quite easy. Just go through the emails and think about the conversations that you had with your last 10 potential clients.

  • What questions did they ask over the phone or email?
  • What were some common questions that you or your support or sales guy have to answer again and again to every new prospect?

Make a list. Those are the questions you should include on your FAQ page.

How To Present Questions on Your Service Page

You may have lots of questions to put there. So it’s best to only show the question with a clickable arrow which they can expand and view the answer. It has to be laid out to make it obvious where they need to click.


That’s it. These were the 7 essential things you should put on your service page to make the most out of it.

Just remember: You need to give your prospects all the information they need to make an informed buyer before they hire you.

Put It In Action

So now you’re ready to write your service page or re-create the existing one.

Download this printable service page checklist to help you even more.