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Project Case Study

The Brief

Grant Fallon from WeSellStations Inc. approached us for a new website for showcasing various business listings. He would like to sell gas stations, hotels, restaurants, dry cleaners etc on website.

Our Approach

We created a customised listing module and made it easier for him to upload the new businesses which are available to buy or sale.

We positioned the phone number prominently on the website so it’s always easily viewable from any page.

The overall website design was modern, bold and clean with a style that compliments their brand.

MSI Business Brokers Project
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The Result

Here’s what Grant Fallon said when we checked in to know how was his experience of working with us:

"Yogesh and Cynesoft are the best! Had them work on multiple websites and they always come through with a great product that is customized to meet our needs! They’ve been a great resource for our company!"

Grant Fallon

MSI Business Brokers & WeSellStations Inc.

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