Our Process

We have a well-defined process that keeps you involved and informed every step of the way.

1. Initial Consultation

Our process usually begins with a 15 minute zoom call where we get to know about your business, what you want to achieve from the project and see if we can help you. If yes, we will schedule an another call to deep dive into your project requirements and goals.

2. Project Discovery

In our next call (which usually runs for 30 minutes to an hour), we’ll ask you a lot of questions to uncover the things about your business, what are your goals with this project and where it fits into the bigger picture of your marketing and sales process.

3. Proposal Agreement

At the end of our discovery call, we will present you the complete solution and if you agree to it, we will prepare and send you a final agreement. We will answer any of your concerns or questions you might have before signing the agreement.

4. Sitemap and Prototyping

The sitemap is the blueprint of your website. It’s a guide for us to understand what pages you want on your site, and how they relate to one another. 

Then we move onto creating the mockup for your home page and one inner page, which ensures  that we’re building the right thing in the first place and make early adjustments before we actually start designing the web pages.

5. The Design Phase

This is the fun part, where we actually start designing your web pages and share with you as we move along. We always keep a great hold on functionality and usability – but we’re also going to make it pretty too.

6. Technical Phase

Then begins the development phase where we actually build the designs and prototype into an active website. We almost always use WordPress to build your website. We custom build everything from the ground up to suit the needs of your website.

We also integrate the site with your existing CRM so you can save and keep track of new leads coming through the new website.

7. Feedback

This is the exciting part for you. This is where you get to see the demo of your complete website. Now, we will need your final feedback before we move forward to the launch.

Please note: We request you to provide feedback as early as possible (max. one week). That helps us correct or change anything based on your feedback and go ahead with the launch.

8. Launch Time

Once you are happy with how the website looks and functions, we prepare to go live. We ensure the migration of your new website goes smoothly without affecting the traffic of your current website. 

The migration just takes 1-2 hours max, and we usually do this on a Friday afternoon, when there is minimum traffic to your current site and it does not affect much of your business activity online.

9. Drive Leads and Sales

Now that we have a website that showcase your services and builds your authority, now you need a plan that will drive your ideal prospects to your website.

We create high converting landing pages and sales funnel to drive the right type of customers using content, paid ads and organic traffic. This is where you really start to see your business grow with the new website. 

10. Analyse and Adapt

Your website and online marketing strategy should really NEVER stay the same for long. 

Over time, your business changes, your processes changes, your customers’ buying patterns changes, and therefore your online strategy should also constantly improve and evolve to meet those needs. And we help you with that too.

11. Ongoing Care and Support

We don’t take orders and see the projects as transactions. We are your online marketing partner. We are always there for you to care about your website and marketing so you can just sit back, relax and focus working on growing your business.

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